Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thoughts about thoughts ... with probability of afterthoughts

a still from Juliet of the Spirits

The experience of watching a film is so overwhelming that i postpone writing about it, until i really have to. Fellini's Giulietta/Juliet degli spiriti (Juliet of the spirits) is one such film. Being Fellini's first feature length film in colour, it inspires a dizziness by the excess of exuberant colours. It has dazed me for so long, that until the opportunity came to write about it in a souvenir, Chitramanjari (published by the Bidhan Nagar Film Society, in charge of the Salt Lake chapter of the prestigious Kolkata Film Festival 2010), I never thought I could articulate my experience of the movie.

What followed was more of a theoretical approach, identifying how 'truth' and/or 'identity of the female protagonist manifest in the film. As I share the following link to the article, I still have a feeling, some more thoughts on it are still to be articulated at the personal level. 

Here's the link to the article:

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