why this blog?

I am a student. Of english literature, academically, and, of life, personally. Of the many things that I continue to be amazed at, is: how a film I see, a book I read become a personalised reading- almost a diary...noting down things, feelings, impressions-that-are-still-blurred ...I started off with a blog which is and about creative blabbering. I am also addicted to cinema. Primarily I used to feast on Bollywood, Hollywood and some magnificent Bengali films. I was introduced to the ever expanding magnificent horizon of cinema beyond the trio at a course that I attended at Nandan, Kolkata. Not only did I learn about films other than Holly-Bolly-Tolly,but I also imbibed an understanding eye to all that seems non-narrative.
This blog is not an attempt to write critical reviews in cinematic tongue. This is a cinema-enthusiast's diary of how films intrude in life and personal thoughts. The opinions and interpretations are solely mine (of course some of them will surely have involved discussions with my partner-in-madness, Arijit) and I alone am responsible for them.